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Office of the Bishop

The Chancery includes those offices and persons who directly assist the Bishop in the pastoral and administrative governance of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth. The Chancery, on behalf of the bishop, expedites canonical matters; collects and preserves diocesan and parish records; assists parishes and priests with civil matters; maintains files; collects statistical information for the Diocese; facilitates communications with other dioceses and the Vatican; and directs inquirers to appropriate sources.

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Most Rev. Michael F. Olson, STD, MA
Bishop of Fort Worth

  817-560-3300 ext. 117

The Catholic Center; St. Partick Cathedral

(1200)   [Edit Contact]

Very Rev. Karl Schilken
Vicar General & Moderator of the Curia
Parochial Administrator
  817-560-2452, ext. 102

The Catholic Center; St. Paul the Apostle Parish

(1105)   [Edit Contact]

Very Rev. Daniel P. Kelley

St. Joseph, Arlington

(1015)   [Edit Contact]

Peter M. Flynn
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Exec. Director of Catholic Foundation of North Texas
  817-560-2452, ext. 151

The Catholic Center

(1010)   [Edit Contact]

Rev. James Wilcox
Director of Vocations
Parochial Administrator
  817-560-2452, ext. 110

The Catholic Center; St. Rita, Ranger, St. Francis Xavier, Eastland, Holy Rosary, Cisco and St. John, Strawn

(1005)   [Edit Contact]

Sr. Yolanda Cruz, SSMN
Vice Chancellor for Parish Services
Associate Director of Vocations Women
  817-560-2452, ext. 101

The Catholic Center

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Juan Rendon
Director of the Permanent Deacon Formation

  817-560-2452 ext. 112

The Catholic Center

(0929)   [Edit Contact]

Cynthia Sturns
Administrative Assistant to the Bishop

  817-560-2452 ext. 117

The Catholic Center

(0070)   [Edit Contact]

Sheila Haase
Executive Assistant to the Vicar General & Moderator of the Curia

  817-560-2452, ext. 102

The Catholic Center

(0065)   [Edit Contact]

Josie Castillo
Administrative Assistant to the Vice Chancellors

  817-560-2452, ext. 254

The Catholic Center

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