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Marriage Tribunal


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The Marriage Tribunal of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth is the office which adjudicates the marital status in the Catholic Church of any divorced person who has requested a declaration of nullity (an "annulment") of a previous marriage. The Tribunal exercises its ministry of truth and justice in a spirit of compassion and confidentiality according to the teaching and practice of the Catholic Church. All who share in this ministry commit themselves to mutual support and ongoing formation in the Church’s canon law and its practical application.


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Finding Necessary Documents

The site below is a great resource for finding contact information to request marriage licenses, divorce decrees, Catholic Baptismal certificates, etc.




Very Rev. Anh Tran, JCL
Judicial Vicar

Very Rev. Timothy Thompson, JCL
Tribunal Judge

Anna Marie Chamblee, JCL
Judge / Assessor

Carlos Sacasa, JCL
Judge / Assessor

Rev. Joy Joseph, TOR, JCL
Tribunal Judge

Linda McKinney
Ecclesiastical Notary

JoAnn Gordon
Ecclesiastical Notary